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2023 11 Nov

Christien Meindertsma: Re-Forming Waste at the Victoria & Albert Museum

As part of the Victoria & Albert Museum's 'Make Good: Rethinking Material Futures', Christien Meindertsma was invited to present some of her research exploring the creative applications of linoleum and wool. Christien proposed to make a solid and local linoleum as a building material that is re-pliable at its end of life. Her research is about making linoleum three-dimensional rather than a sheet material, and proposes to make linoleum from local, non-extracted materials; Linseed oil from local flax farmers, wood dusts that are a byproduct from local furniture industry and woodworking companies, chalks that are a by-product from drinking water production. The exhibition is located in Furniture, Room 133 of The Dr Susan Weber Gallery and runs until 19 October 2024.

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