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So here we are in Tier 5 lockdown and staring down a Brexit agreement that the Prime Minister claims will allow us to ‘have our cake and eat it’. That said, I don’t know if we’ll be able to get much sugar for said cake that isn’t made from genetically modified beets. I don’t even want to have cake. In all of this, we’re still here, stiff-upper-lipping it, working remotely, answering emails, fielding calls, shipping orders, samples and the like all while conspiring to bring you something new and worthy for the special places we all desperately need right now.

Dzek Black Slab V.4


Marmoreal® is available in a range of standard dimensions and finishes that suit different applications. Get in touch with us for your upcoming project.

ExCinere Portrait


A big CONGRATULATIONS to Formafantasma on their 2021 Wallpaper* Designer of the Year award. *‘Formafantasma’s Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin embody what design means today. Since founding their studio in 2009, the Amsterdam-based duo have brought together exquisite forms, unusual materials (among them plant-based polymers, volcanic ash and electronic waste), analytical thinking, and a conviction that design is a redemptive and revolutionary force, one that points us towards more responsible citizenship and a better world. As their longtime collaborator, gallerist Libby Sellers tells us, ’they balance value-laden advocacy with extreme elegance and wit.’* - Wallpaper* 2020 also saw them establish Geo-Design, a new Design Academy Eindhoven master programme that examines the social, economic and geopolitical forces that shape design today. They’re energising design’s next generation with the agency and activism required to think beyond product in order to have real influence over the most pressing issues we face.

ExCinere Long 4 Glazes


Introducing ExCinere, our volcanic-ash-glazed tiles developed in collaboration with Formafantasma

Materia Gris


Materia gris (grey matter), an exibition now on view at CentroCentro in Madrid, explores the development of new materials that respond to the challanges that the design field and indutry are facing in our times. From the use of natural resources and waste materials, to the development of biodegradable matter to replace single-used plastic, all project are characterised by a multidisciplinary approach. The collaboration of designers, biologists, engineers, architects, botanists and design companies is essential to the development of new ways of thinking design and production methods.

Tjip Draakstraat Antwerpen ©Annick Vernimmen 060 website


Masterfully designed by Tjip Creative Environments and installed by Waeles Puurmaatwerk, this apartment in Antwerp uses Marmoreal white slab, 2cm thick.

Marmoreal Dining Table in a NYC project designed by Neal Beckstedt - Photo by Eric Piasecki / OTTO


This versatile Dining table / Desk comes in three separate parts: a single slab top and two independent trestles. The trestles can be oriented in three different ways, one of which creates more central space to function as a large desk.

Formafantasma Landscape image for homepage tile


Meet Formafantasma, the Amsterdam-based design studio behind ExCinere, our volcanic-ash-glazed tiles.

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Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara celebrates nature in his latest Tokyo restaurant, Dongxi. The typically minimal interior is characterised by soft light, solid wood and stone, a natural experience for the senses. We didn’t expect to see a mix of framed patterns and gradients using our ExCinere tiles, subtly adorning the dark grey rock walls. The tile’s earthy tones, textures and depth are a poetic reminder of humankind’s attraction to the forces of nature and double nicely as art. Good evidence that one can make use of ExCinere in more than a functional sense.