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Dzek creates original architectural materials and products in collaboration with designers. Founded by Brent Dzekciorius in 2013, our work combines a craft sensibility with optimism about the potential of industrial manufacturing.

The process starts with an idea from a designer’s studio. Inspired by the Bauhaus school’s integration of art, craft, and technology, Dzek works closely with the designer to undertake research and prototyping, and then turn their raw idea into a manufactured reality

Dzek believes that great architecture is made from elements that tell a story about their time and place. Our holistic approach to materials making respects the achievements of the past while advancing future possibilities. We aim to create products with artistic significance, that allow architects and interior designers to forge meaningful new relationships between people and the spaces they occupy.


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31 Oval Road, London, NW1 7EA

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A dedication to design, an interdisciplinary approach and a reverence for craft traditions are at the heart of what we do. We would love to hear from you if these values resonate with you.


100% Design: Material Studio. ExCinere Volcanic Ash Glazed tiles on show with Material Driven

We are excited to have our ExCinere Volcanic Ash Glazed tiles by Formafantasma on show with Material Driven for their collaboration with 100% Design this September. ExCinere will be on show for people to see in person along with 21 other innovative materials all addressing key issues around sustainability, energy efficiency, waste, health and wellbeing.

Exhibition: Brent Dzekciorius and Libby Sellers curate An Accelerated Culture for Friedman Benda Gallery

Brent Dzekciorius, founder of Dzek, along with Libby Sellers, curated An Accelerated Culture for Friedman Benda Gallery in New York. The exhibition, which brings together a selection of the most progressive contemporary designers from the so-called ‘Generation X’, is an investigation into any shared ideologies and beliefs that emerge from such a disparate cohort. As Sellers states, “while any characterisation of a generation will be filled with disclaimers, these practitioners went on to challenge the status quo by questioning everything, the design industry included, in order to redefine what a design practice could encompass and the territories where design can tread.

  • Interior Design Magazine Best of Year AwardInterior Design Magazine Best of Year Award
  • Architectural Digest Great Design AwardArchitectural Digest Great Design Award