2021 18 Sep  to  26 Sep
Verdigris Landscapes for The Post Normal Domestic: A New Collection of ExCinere Furniture and Glazes by Formafantasma.

Brompton Design District, Cromwell Place, Gallery 7, Ground Floor, 4 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2JE

Tue - Sat: 10am - 6pm, Late night opening Thu: 6pm - 9pm, Sun: 10am - 4pm, Free entry with scheduled booking required

To attend, please book your preferred time slot here

Verdigris Landscapes for the Post Normal Domestic is a new collection of ExCinere tiled furniture modules designed by Formafantasma. Conceived as an interior alphabet, the pieces represent letters that can be combined to create a unique language — or even a landscape — with the potential to elevate and compliment each other’s function.

The collection is composed of modules that reside on the border of object and architecture, and create versatile interactions that encourage sharing, working and resting, sitting or standing. These modules are not intended as direct solutions, rather they reflect a wider societal shift towards more flexible, multi-functional living environments spurred by our collective isolation and exponentially increasing technological dependence.

Our new Verdigris series of volcanic ash glazes is central to the installation. Consisting of four novel green tones ranging from light pistacchio to evergreen, ExCinere Verdigris tiles are applied to each furnishing in 8-bit pixelated compositions reminiscent of Tetris blocks. These architectonic pixelations reveal the complex and subtle variations within each glazed surface and contain a poignant metaphor for the complex balance we all seek to maintain between the physical and digital realms.

ExCinere’s development was a lengthy journey with hundreds of discrete outcomes. The original glazes took over three years to develop and are derived from non-extracted volcanic ash from the Mount Etna region in Sicily. The collection debuted with four Terra toned glazes in 2019 and we are now pleased to extend the ExCinere family with this Verdigris palette.

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