2014 8 Apr  to  13 Apr
Marmoreal by Max Lamb Salone del Mobile, Milan

Via Maroncelli 7 ProjectB Gallery 20154 Milano, Italy

Dzek debuts Marmoreal, a new engineered marble for architectural surfaces by Max Lamb.

Marmoreal by Max Lamb is a high specification architectural material for use in a wide spectrum of interior applications. The graphic and immersive visual qualities of this new engineered marble have also been harnessed by Max Lamb in his series of furnishings which were developed to illustrate the material’s capabilities beyond the typical expressions like flooring and cladding common to architectural surfaces. Composed of four historically significant Veronese marbles, Marmoreal is a material exploration that celebrates the individual qualities of these stones while acknowledging that the sum of its parts makes for something far more compelling. The word Marmoreal means ‘real marble’, but can be used to describe objects or materials that look like real marble but aren’t necessarily so. Our Marmoreal is composed of approximately 95 per cent marble and 5 per cent polyester resin binders to make for a stronger, less porous and more durable material than natural marbles. This engineering allows us to offer an original material language with a high visual value that skilfully balances tradition with modernism using Max Lamb’s signature approach. Marmoreal was realised in close collaboration with Santamargherita, one of the great pioneers in the engineered stone industry. The factory is located in Volargne, Italy, fittingly on Via del Marmo, which translates as Road of Marble. This area just outside of Verona and its outlying provinces form the epicentre of the Italian marble quarrying industry and the bedrock for a storied history with the art and design worlds that continues today.

Dzek Marmoreal Salone2014 FullSpace cropped

Dzek Marmoreal Salone2014 sizes cropped

Dzek Marmoreal Salone2015 shelf+chair cropped

Dzek Marmoreal Salone2015 Large Marble

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