2017 24 Aug  to  31 Aug
Formafantasma Window to Columbus, Exhibit Columbus

*Update, January 2018: We are pleased to announce Window to Columbus will remain on view through Summer 2018, extended from its scheduled conclusion in November 2017. Tricia Gilson of the Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives and designer Jonathan Nesci will take over curation of the instalment for the duration of the program. The project was extended due in part to strong positive response from the local Columbus, Indiana community. Eliel Saarinen’s First Christian Church, Robert Venturi’s white-glazed-brick Fire Station 4 and Paul Kennon’s Streetscape project are just a few examples of the terra-cotta brick’s prominence in the architecture and civic planning of Columbus, Indiana. Inspired by this brick legacy, Formafantasma and Dzek have developed a volcanic-ash-glazed brick as the primary building block for our installation. The Amsterdam-based Italian studio Formafantasma has been involved with volcanic materials since 2013, and in recent years has been working with us to investigate the architectural potential of volcanic ash. Window to Columbus is a wall of volcanic-glazed bricks with an inset window. This window reveals a mini-museum hosting a series of six exhibitions, rotating fortnightly, telling stories about the materials that have helped to define Washington Street and the architecture of Columbus at large. The exhibitions are co-curated by Formafantasma and Tricia Gilson of Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives. Their content will appear on these pages as well as on our Instagram page as they are released. This exhibition also represents the first public presentation of our research with Formafantasma into volcanic matter and its relevance in the manufacture of architectural materials. The wall will be composed entirely from our first four pilot productions of bricks glazed with Mount Etna volcanic ash, clay and salt.

Formafantasma Window To Columbus Final 020

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Formafantasma Window To Columbus Final 001 copy

Volcanic-Ash Wall detail 2400

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