2014 24 May  to  29 Aug
Broached Retreat UCCA, Beijing

UCCA 798 Art District No.4 Jiuxianquiao Lu Chaoyang District, Beijing China 100015

The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing is putting on its first design exhibition this spring in cooperation with Lou Weis from Broached Commissions in Australia. Titled Broached Retreat, the exhibition invites international designers to participate in discussions on the history of design. These discussions take place within a pavilion constructed out of paper, stone, and steel. The pavilion, entitled Broached Privacy, addresses the question of how we experience personal, interior spaces today. Marmoreal by Max Lamb is featured in Broached Retreat as an architectural surface used within the pavilion for flooring and wall cladding as well as in the construction of exhibition designer Chen Lu's own furniture designs. Other participating designers include Broached founding members Adam Goodrum, Trent Jansen, and Charles Wilson, whose work is appearing alongside that of Keiji Ashizawa (Tokyo), Susan Dimasi (Melbourne), Naihan Li (Beijing), Azuma Makoto (Tokyo), and Lucy McRae (London).

Dzek Marmoreal Broach Retreat UCCA cropped

Dzek Marmoreal Broached Retreat UCCA cropepd 2

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