material design

Dzek initiates designer-led architectural materials and material-based design collections, broadening the capabilities of industry and craft through their symbiosis.

Drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus school’s concept of the architectural Gesamtkunstwerk, Dzek invites our creative partners to develop a material, and from this material to create living spaces exploring surface and form as well as objects and furnishings that further illustrate the material’s capabilities beyond two dimensions.

Our collaborations call upon craft-leaning designers, architects, and artists to bring a unique balance between the skill and sensitivity of the handmade and the power and intelligence of industrial manufacturing. Unifying these divergent perspectives redefines the usual boundaries of design practice and the capabilities of industry, thereby increasing our potential to deliver new, expressive materials and design products to our clients.

Dzek was founded in 2013 by the design advisor and curator Brent Dzekciorius. From 2010 to 2013 he served as the worldwide director of Phillips de Pury’s retail operations, collaborating with many of the world’s top design studios to develop special projects, exhibitions, and editions for sale through the platform. He has served as an advisor and ambassador for the British Crafts Council and as a patron for the Design Days Dubai fair. He regularly speaks at global forums on design and the marketplace and mentors several studios in the development of their practice.