The Last London Salon by Ineke Hans: Furniture & The Future

16 September—24 September 2017

As part of the pop-up programme, curated by Jane Withers for The Brompton Design District, Ineke Hans presents The Last London Salon, the conclusion of her two-year long Salon Projects, investigating new perspectives for design through events and discussions. These projects show an interesting case study of issues and topics that define the status quo of furniture design, design in general and the position of the designer in 2016-17. They also contain interesting facts for the future.

Max Lamb’s Marmoreal chair has been selected as part of this collection of visionary objects, projects and strategies that aim to inspire in future directions for furniture design.

Other designers and writers that participated in the salons include: Nina Tolstrup, Industrial Facility, Frank Kolkman, Opendesk, Pearsonlloyd, Piet Hein Eek, Martino Gamper, Marjan van Aubel, Benjamin Hubert, Michael Marriott, Anne van der Zwaag, John Thackara, Ineke Hans, Richard Vijgen, James Shaw, Isokon and Micaella Pedros. Exhibition design by Paula Arntzen.